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sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2011

Social Networks Comparative

The three most popular social networks in use here in Brazil are: Plurk, Facebook and Orkut.

In this article we will talk about the differences amongst the three social networks named above. To begin with, each social network and their respective appliances can be useful in their own way and each appliance has a specific need.

Plurk contains a more visual and interactive interface, which can be personalized in different aspects. For example, you can change your home background, your timeline background, import backgrounds, change the page body style, among others features. Plurk has a peculiar and intelligent way of showing the messages, which are displayed in a timeline. Firstly, the messages are marked as unread. When you click on them or select the button ‘mark as read’ it gives you the control of the messages. However, the most interesting and innovative feature of Plurk is the accumulation of points called ‘Karma’. They can be acquired when you achieve some objectives, such as inviting friends to join in Plurk. Otherwise, if you do not use this social network very often, you lose some ‘Karma’ points. When you reach a specific ‘Karma’ value, you unlock other features and styles, which motivate the user to use Plurk - and to Plurk - more often.

About Facebook, it is based on a new perspective on programming and styling. It uses a very simple and objective interface. The interface has a basic style and a well structured organization to make the website easy to use. It has one main objective: to connect people with common interests. It is the social network that has the biggest number of users around the world.

Orkut, in the beginning, was a simple social network which linked people by friendship and similar affinities. The Orkut homepage is a personal profile containing a photograph, a personal description, likes and dislikes and the marital status of the user. Nowadays Orkut offers a lot more gadgets, such as HTML editor, personal videos, customized profile page, friends updates, incorporated Google Talk tool, applications and games, themes, status phrase, and other features. Orkut has become a toolkit, a webspace, and a social network. It is the most complete social network currently in use. However, it presented problems related to organization and interface.